Omega Airport Shuttle and GO Airport Express have entered into a joint venture to make your travel experience easier. You are now able to book online. If you book online, you will be able to receive perks, such as discounted travel and airline frequent flyer miles. The trip from the south side is faster and more frequent (every 30 minutes).

Hours of service from the South Side: 4am-7:30pm.
Hours of service from the airports: 6:30am-11:45pm.
Any questions, please call (888) 2THEVAN.

Click here to make a reservation online.

Please watch your luggage.
Plan to arrive at Airport 2 hours before your scheduled flight departure time. OMEGA Airport Shuttle Schedule New Schedule Effective Date 11/29/2010.

(773) 734-6688 - (press 0 for operator)
8751 S. Greenwood Suite 110
Chicago, IL 60619